Students counter stress with their own remedies

Maddie Kindig, Reporter

With growing social pressures and expectations to do well in school, it’s no surprise that teens are severely stressed and school is the number one cause of stress among teens.

From the results of a survey, it is evident that students have their own way they cope with stress.

Many of the students deal with stress by expressing their emotions. Becca Jones, junior, will “cry until the stress goes away.”

Addison Miller, sophomore, will “cry a lot, then make a list of all the things I need to do… then cry a little more.” Kylee Wallentine, sophomore, said, “I cry in the shower and have mental breakdowns and that seems to make me feel better.”

Corey Hutton, sophomore, said, “I cry, sleep and run.”

She’s not the only student that uses sleep as a way to deal with stress. Courtney Reynolds, sophomore, said, “I take naps and watch a lot of superhero movies.”

Spencer Foster, freshman, said, “I take a nap,” and Logan Lavender, freshman, will “listen to music and take naps.”

It helps a lot of students to get outside and some take part in some light exercise. Tre Dunn, sophomore, said, “I go outside and shoot hoops.”

Thomas Bauman, junior, said he “usually goes outside and whittles.” Ben Marsh, freshman, “goes outside and plays sports or listens to music.”

Mira Romero, sophomore, said, “I take a break from what I’m doing, relax and go outside, chill.”

Many teens go on walks or runs to ease their stress. Emma Doane, junior, said, “I go on a walk.”

Connor Doane, freshman, said, “I take a light jog.” Brandon Wright, junior, said “I take walks in nature and take pictures while I’m walking.”

Ben Fair, sophomore, said, “I take long walks and listen to music.”

As expected, many students said they used music as a way to calm their stress. Another way many have chosen to deal with stress is hanging out with their friends.

Jordan Hause, freshman, said, “I dance for my school and with my friends.” Samantha Yeh, junior, said, “I talk to my boyfriend.”

Becca Jenkins, freshman, said she “listens to music and talks to her friends.”

Jacob Johnston, junior, said, “I try to talk to my friends but when I can’t talk to my friends I have specific songs I listen to and games I play in my head.”

Many students release stress from their systems with aggression.

Nathan Wike, junior, will “punch a brick wall.”

Myles Clark, sophomore, said, “I play drums, so I get to hit stuff.” Megan Secrest, sophomore, will often “start yelling, then go to

kickboxing class.”
Chase Simmons, sophomore,

said, “I punch the punching bag really hard for like an hour.”

And even a few students aren’t dealing with stress.

Rithick Madhanna, sophomore, said, “I don’t really have stress. I just don’t deal with it, ignore it.”

Kala Holder, senior, said, “I don’t know if I have any stress.”

Vincent burtone, junior, said, “I don’t get stressed too often.”