Students to tour world with their teachers

Evan Kauffman, Reporter

Trips around the world provide students with ways to expand their knowledge of the world, and grow academically.

Different cultures, architecture, food and languages, all of these aspects help expand the views of society and the overall attitude of a person.

Several teachers are planning school trips for this summer and next Spring Break at all kinds of places around the world.

Kristin Ramshaw, science teacher, is hosting a trip to Costa Rica Spring Break of 2017 for students wanting to explore the jungle.

“You don’t get to see the carbon footprint here as much as where there’s more wildlife,” Ramshaw said.

The trip is accepting new students through September of the next school year.

Also there are several trips to Europe, such as Stephanie French, Spanish teacher, who has an 18 day trip to Spain planned for this summer.

“I think going to another country changes who you are as a person,” French said. “On this kind of trip, language skills grow dramatically.”

Along with French, Kayla Miller, English teacher, is planning a trip to take students through Spain along with France and Italy later this summer as well.

“All of the stops have cultural backgrounds,” Miller said.

Ending the Europe trips, Michael Jasiczek, social science teacher, will be exploring Italy with his students, traveling through Milan and even Rome.

The trip explores old Rome and shows the history and culture of the Renaissance Era.

“I went to Rome last summer; I decided to show my students,” Jasiczek said.

Trips like these give students an opportunity to grow culturally and additionally help them academically.