Talent show offers scholarships for Olathe students

Emma Collins, Reporter

Talents from all over Olathe are given a chance to express who they are for a chance to win scholarships at an annual talent show called Olathe’s Got Talent (OGT).

This year on April 16, in the Bell Culture Center at MidAmerican Nazarene, three students from Olathe South, Megan Secrest, sophomore; Lynae Carlson and Kyle Kersten, juniors, participated in the annual show.

After trying out and making it into the top twenty to perform, they started with rehearsals and preparing for the actual show.

OGT is a talent show for youth performers from all categories, ranging from visual arts to singing and dancing to performances from different types of plays.

Victor Dougherty is currently the director of Olathe’s Got Talent to provide students with a way to express themselves, while given the chance to get scholarships for it.

Carlson participated by performing a solo dance she learned in a recent dance class she was going to.

“I wanted to dance my solo again and because I wanted to get a scholarship,” Carlson said as she explained why she decided to try out for Olathe’s Got Talent in the first place.

Many students when trying out for the show wanted to take their talents and try to test them to see if they can get scholarships for their talents different categories.

The scholarships ranged from $250-1500.

Students said that they could have found little things they could have done to improve their performances, but overall were proud of how the show turned out.