Autumn’s Fall

Local band lands more gigs and gains popularity with locals

Kali Ray, Reporter

Autumn’s Fall is a band that’s beginning to take off and ‘fall’ into success as they book more and more gigs.

The band’s members are students here: Mason Stahl, guitarist and singer; Austin Doughty, guitarist; Baily Rhone, bassist; and Curtis Leonard, drummer.

The current band members has been playing together three months though Leonard, Stahl and Doughty have played together as a band for one and half years.

“Curtis and I have been playing [music together] since we were freshmen,” Doughty said. All the members are seniors.

They write their own music as opposed to only performing covers.

Some of their more popular songs are titled “Tense,” “Little Bird,” “Fall,” “That One Time,” “Runaway” and “Word to the Wise.”

Stahl and Leonard write the lyrics while Doughty writes most of the instrumentals.

Later this year, the band will have their “big break” as they will be opening for The Sons of Texas and Otherwise at Aftershock on July 18. The members are fans of the band Otherwise and are very excited to open for them.

They have had a few concerts so far, and Leonard said they usually fill the places they play at.

“In a matter of two days we sold 40 tickets [once],” Leonard added.

To market, Leonard said they simply talk to people.

“We’re very persistent in getting people to our shows.” They have a Facebook and YouTube account that their fans can follow, simply called Autumn’s Fall.

They have at least four upcoming shows, mostly after school ends. They usually play at The Aftershock or Yahweh Underground.

The Aftershock is a tattoo parlor in Olathe  at 600 E. Santa Fe and Yahweh Underground is a venue for bands at 9500 Wornall Rd., Kansas City, Mo.

They will have concerts on May 19, July 16 and Aug. 7, all three at Yahweh Underground.

They don’t really identify with one specific music genre. “{We’re a] alternative, pop, punk, rock fusion,” Leonard said.

The band hopes to continue playing after graduation beyond the four pre-determined gigs.

Leonard shared some of his favorite lyrics the band has wrote:

“It’s like clockwork, oh, clockwork. You pass me by; you’re on my mind” and “Problems are to blame but I will see you again. Help me again to realize where I’ll end. Help me again to start where I began.”

The band gets most of their inspiration for song lyrics from life and girls, Leonard said.