Orchard recieves postive reaction

Alyssa Hoedl, Co-Editor

Though students may not be aware, Jeff Witters, science teacher, is coordinating a very cool project for next year.

Witters, the Green Team,  and the Environmental Science and Horticulture classes are making an orchard, greenhouse and garden along the west side of the school to produce food that they will give to  families in need from South as a healthy option.

The staff of the Eyrie believes this project is a great idea and will benefit students and their families tremendously.

Many members of the staff would be willing to help out with the orchard, depending on if their schedule would work with it. The idea of helping out is especially tempting because of the orchard helping students at South specifically.

During the summer, the Green Team will come out to continually work on the garden and orchard and Graham Rees, horticulture teacher, is hoping that some of his horticulture students take the opportunity to help as well.

The only concern the staff has is that it will take a while to fully develop the trees, meaning they won’t be beneficial for a while.

More students throughout the school need to be aware of what is happening, so the orchard can get as much help as possible.

This project could be very beneficial as long as the students who say they will help follow through on their promises.