Readers United welcomes all book lovers


Emmalee Reed

Dorian Coleman, sophomore, and Hannah Alleyne, junior, talk about books during a book club meeting.

Delaney Garrelts, Reporter

Readers United is a new club where students are free to bring in the books they love and share them with other avid book readers.

Jo Ball, English teacher and the sponsor of Readers United,  was asked to form the new club by Dorian Coleman, sophomore.

“Dorian was sort of the driving force,” Ball said.

They meet one time every month in the library before school, and around four to six people have participated in each meeting they have had.

Members aren’t assigned a new book for each time that they meet.

They bring in their favorites books that they have read and share them with other members of the club.

Any book they want to bring in, they’re free to share with the other members. Students involved get an opportunity to branch out in what they’d usually find pleasure in reading.

“It’s not ‘hey, here’s a book you have to read.’ You can bring in books you have already read and maybe [the other participants]  will like it,” Ball said.

Finding books that appeal to every person that participates in the club has proved to be challenging, but with all the students having their own personal choices in the books, everyone will definitely get to read the kind of books he or she is actually interested in.

There is less of a chance for disappointment because all participants make their own choices and have the freedom to select what book seems best to them.

The challenge in this is that with everyone reading different things, deep conversation about the books may prove to be a struggle.

The problems that the different books present give students an opportunity to learn more about things they never would’ve known before. If they choose to branch out from their own favorite books to reading the other members’ favorite books, the quality of the discussions can improve over time.

This club is accepting to any new readers wanting to participate. Students who want to  attend the monthly Readers United meetings should speak to  Coleman or Ball about meeting times.