Students perform at Slam Poetry parent night

Slam Poetry Family Night

Staff, Reporter

Slam Poetry Parent Night was on April 21 at 6 p.m. in the library when students in the group performed multiple poems for their parents and their friends.

This is the first year of the Slam Poetry Club, and they reached the semifinals at the competition. Some students performed poems that they did at the semifinals. There was also a group performance. The event was free.

For the competition, students wrote their own poems and they needed to be exactly three minutes. Cindy Roth, sponsor, organized this event. She thinks “it’s an interesting and creative outlet we don’t have at South.”

Kelly Sullivan, sophomore, started writing poems in middle school. She finds it to be “a good way to express yourself.” It’s a hobby of hers, but she believes it would be “pretty cool to be a poet.” Sullivan finds it to be super fun and recommends it to almost everyone.

Cooper Dammrich, junior, has been writing poems for as long as he can remember. It’s something Dammrich is “really passionate about,” and he finds it to be “a good outlet for thoughts” he has inside of him. It’s his favorite hobby and he recommends it to whoever enjoys writing.

Logan Stelting, senior, joined the club this year, but has been writing poems, short stories and haikus her whole life. It brings her joy because it is “a really good outlet for emotions,” and it helped her make new friends. Stelting recommends the group to anyone who likes to write at all.

Breeaunna Dowdy, sophomore, finds the poetry group to be a “good way to release your emotions” because of its incredible environment. Dowdy wants to be an artist and is trying to incorporate poetry in her art. Dowdy finds the people in it awesome, and she recommends it to everyone.