Golf harmful for aging Tiger Woods

Max Stoneking, Sport Co-Editor

Eight years.

That is the astonishing span of time since Tiger Woods last won a major championship. Woods, who was at one time seemingly invincible in the world of golf, is no longer that same guy. His body is a mess, and he has withdrawn from or missed the cut in nearly every tournament since 2010.

The injury, recovery, rehab process is all too familiar not only to Woods, but also all fans of golf. Every time he makes an announcement that he is going to be back and playing solid golf, he jars his back or his glutes don’t activate.

Part of the reason he can’t even put together a competitive round of golf is that he simply works too hard. Woods is a winner and still, at age 40, pushes himself to his 20-year-old limits. His body can’t handle the work he once could.

The other part is his life off the golf course. The marital drama in 2009 with his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, pushed Woods away from the sport for a while. His recent end to his relationship with professional skier, Lindsey Vonn, was also a distraction. There is no doubt that these instances drew focus away from his game and are still creating a burden on his golf performance, not to mention being a target for scandal in the eyes of the media.

Woods is currently in rehab from another surgery. He is not mentally or physically in shape to win any professional golf tournament, but he is driving balls at full speed on his practice course at home. Perhaps he should focus on a full repair of his body before he even considers picking up a golf club to practice, yet again, his swing that ruins his body time and time again. He is only getting older and an old body Tiger Woods cannot afford another injury if he really expects to get back to playing competitive golf.