Why is Deon Wade always singing a song?


Travis Kahn

Deon Wade, senior, practicing with his choir class.

Emily Cords, Reporter

Music has an impact on most high school student’s daily lives, but Deon Wade, senior, takes it to the next level.

Wade, who has been in choir since fifth grade and is currently in Southside Choir, has been in love with singing ever since he started.

His favorite memories in choir are “having fun with the group, coming up with fun nicknames for everyone and going on group trips.”

Wade enjoys choir because of the “unity of the group” in choir and that “everyone is friendly and knows each other just like a big family.”

Listening to interesting songs on the radio got Wade involved in music and helped him find his true passion.

Singing has had a huge impact on Wade’s life by giving him new opportunities through singing and introducing him to many new friends.

He enjoys being able to be in choir with all of his friends because it makes it more fun and he gets to spend time with his friends.

When Wade goes to college next year, he is planning to go to Kansas State University for computer engineering.

Something he’ll always have with him, no matter his major, is his love for singing and performing in front of crowds.

ACTIVITIES: StuCo, AVID, Southside Choir, track and field and wrestling

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