What does Mariah Case do with paper and cardboard?


Brandon Keeling

Mariah Case, senior, working on art.

Megan Pham, Reporter

Mariah Case, senior, who has been doing art since she was in middle school, won the People’s Choice Award from the Olathe High School Outstanding Seniors 2D and 3D show for her pop up piece, “Paper Library.”

Case specializes in 3-D art and has taken ceramics, jewelry and sculpture.

“It’s fun, relaxing and sometimes stressful,” Case said. “Right now I’m focusing on pop ups.”

One example of her art was the cardboard flowers she hung on the wall near the bathrooms of 1100 hall.

She has also painted murals for WPA and other events. “With murals, it was hard since it was three pieces and a lot of wet paint,” Case said. “I couldn’t see the whole picture and it’s very time consuming.”

What inspires her is what she finds on the Internet and pretty things she happens to stumble upon. She looks up to other artists as well, such as Lynne Meade and Pippin Drysdale.

She usually takes around 15-20 hours to finish her cardboard and paper pieces, depending on how detailed they are. Her tools of the trade consist of a sharp X-Acto knife, some paper and cardboard.

Case’s advice for any one wanting to do art is to not give up. “First time you fail, it probably won’t be your last time, but if you keep at it it’ll probably work out,” Case said.

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