Golden Girls end year with surprise

All the golden girls in the last dance of the night

Emma Nicholson, Reporter

The Golden Girls Spring Show on April 2 was the dance team’s last performance for this school year. It was not only the seniors’ last  production, but the last for Gail Holder, Golden Girls dance coach, as well.

Holder is retiring after this year, and the dancers honored her during and after their performance.

A lot of dances were performed including one the girls did for Holder. Along with the dance, a reception was held after the show.

Spring Show was also an event honoring the seniors.

The performance included routines from throughout the year. The theme was GG4L (Golden Girls 4 Life), which had been used for a very long time.

“When you hear GG4L you think dedication, integrity, kindness and love,” Holder said.

Multiple costumes were worn throughout  to go with a variety of songs.

A lot of time was put into the performance as well. “We practice all year, but for [Spring Show, we practiced for] a solid two weeks,” Carly Reinoehl, senior, said.

Spring Show went for two nights with a total of three nights. Tickets were $6.

“[This year]’s been really good, but sad. It’s Mrs. Holder’s last,” Kori Butler , senior, said.

Reinoehl agreed saying this year was bittersweet. Butler’s favorite dance was “Hallelujah” while Reinoehl preferred the senior routine.

Reinoehl stated that she thought this Spring Show was better than the others from previous years, and Butler made a similar statement.

“I think [the show was] cleaner and the choreography is creative,” Butler said. Reinoehl thought this year went well, too.

“[This year] was a lot more fun because I was in a leadership role,” she said.

This year Reinoehl is graduating. “[I’m] sad. I’m going to miss dancing with my friends,” Reinoehl said.

“It’s my last year. We’re ending with a bang,” Reinoehl said.

Butler said she’s excited for next year and the new opportunities for the Golden Girls team to grow as a whole.

The Golden Girls also prepped for the surprise for Holder.

Kristin Ricci, Gail Holder’s sister, was in charge of  planning  the reception and the event was planned outside of the school in order for Holder not to find out.

The alumni also showed up to watch the performance.

“I was absolutely surprised,” Gail Holder said. “It was one of the best nights of my life.