Prom assembly warns of drunk driving

Prom group crying while being questioned by an officer about what happened.

Evan Kauffman, Reporter

With prom coming up soon, students are buying dresses and renting tuxedos. Administrators throughout the school are also starting to plan the prom safety assembly.

The assembly/demonstration is taking place on April 21, the Thursday before prom, to bring awareness of the dangers following prom night and parties.

The entire Junior Class is required to attend a demonstration by Damon Bell, SRO officer, and the local fire department in the east parking lot.

The demonstration is meant to demonstrate drunk driving and shows how it affects a person’s driving.

To help aid to the reality and quality of the demonstration, the Fire Department or even some police officers show up to aid in the presentation.

“Sometimes people drink at prom, and we want to simulate the drinking and driving experience for the students,” Bell said.

The simulation includes three scenarios: one showing a fatal car crash, one showing a jaw of life car crash, and one an injury car crash.

“We have actors come out for the demonstration,” Bell said, “It can become very heart-tearing how into character the kids get over the simulation.”

Students who normally park in that parking lot will be given a pass to park in the grass for that day.

While the juniors are being shown a lesson on drunk driving during seminar, the seniors will be having an assembly of their own in the auditorium.

The assembly covers what is being shown to the juniors, but in slide show format.

“My favorite part of this experience is the interaction with the kids,” Bell said.

Prom is on Saturday, April 23, at the Regency Embassy Suites, off Ridgeview towards K-10 highway.