North Korean nuclear tests reason to worry

Lauri Hoedl, Reporter

On Feb. 7 North Korea launched a nuclear missile into space and conducted another nuclear test. The testing and launching have sparked worldwide condemnation.

The United States needs to take greater strides in stopping North Korea’s nuclear advances.

North Korea launched a missile claiming it was for scientific reasons, but many countries still view it as a threat. The testing displayed no direct threat towards the United States, yet it still is cause for concern.

President Barack Obama said by testing, “they are trying to perfect their missile launch system.”

The reason for concern stems from the potential the testing shows and the power their nuclear weapons hold. Underground nuclear testing is not a new concept for North Korea; this is their fourth test.

Countries cannot just stand back and watch North Korea continue improving their nuclear power and weapons. North Korea, ruled by a dictator who is neither predictable nor reliable.

The Washington Post explained that North Korea enacted these launchings, despite their economic weakness, mostly to display power.

They want to show power and independence, though it is having the reverse effect. The effect is making other countries want to attack them, not respect them.

Though their bombs might not have the power to harm the United States yet, they are strong enough to harm allies that are closer.

The New York Times said, “It was yet another reminder of the threat that a nuclear-armed, totalitarian regime like North Korea poses to America’s ally South Korea and to the rest of the world.”

North Korea is thought to have up to 100 nuclear weapons and doesn’t plan on stopping their tests any time soon.

Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader, said they plan on “launching working satellites more frequently, more rapidly and more satisfyingly.”

Kim is open about hope for more nuclear advances despite the fact that they have been faced with condemnation because  of their previous tests.

They are proving that they are a legitimate threat to the United States. With claims of hydrogen bombs and bigger weapons than previously assumed, they need to be taken seriously.

If the United States and their allies do not take initiative, then North Korea’s hold on nuclear power will continue to grow and thrive, putting the United States in deeper danger.

It is necessary to take a stand in denying North Korea until they back down with nuclear testing.