Staff lives for more caffeine

Emma Collins, Reporter

For The Eyrie staff, caffeine is a major factor for getting through the day. As much of an addiction caffeine is, most of the staff either drinks coffee or soda, next to tea.

“I mostly drink coffee because I don’t like the added sugars in the other drinks,” Sharidan Kraljic, senior, said.

Soda does have a lot of sugar in it and many people prefer sweet tea, which most times contains sugar to give the sweet taste.

Jamie Pellikaan, junior, drinks on average about 7 to 10 cups of tea in a week. Her favorite kind of tea is Bigelow that is flavored French vanilla.

Along with Kraljic, Alyssa Hoedl, senior, agrees; saying that coffee gives more of a natural caffeine taste when drinking it.

While added sugar does play a big factor into which drink the staff drinks, many coffee drinkers choose coffee because “there are a lot of flavors you can choose to buy.”

Some of the popular flavors of coffee among the staff are: vanilla, caramel, hazel nut, and straight black.

On the other hand, half of the staff usually drinks soda over anything else because “it has a lot more sugar in it,” and the staff feels it is “more refreshing than most drinks.”

Most of the staff drink somewhere between two to four cups of coffee or a can of soda.

Overall, the staff needs their caffeine to survive. Whether it is through coffee, soda or tea, the staff enjoys the little things that help keep them awake.