Ukulele Lady

Caroline Jacobs performs at open-mic


Emmalee Reed

Caroline Jacobs, junior, plays the ukelele at Prarie Fire.

Reagan Devinney, Reporter

Playing an instrument and performing in front of an audience is a dream that many aspire to accomplish, but few ever reach. That’s not the case for Caroline Jacobs, junior.

Jacobs started playing ukulele two years ago when she went on a Spring Break trip to Hawaii.

She liked it because she has always been really interested in music and she thinks it is an easy instrument to play.

Currently she is playing on a concert ukulele.

There are four main types of ukuleles and those include the soprano, concert, tenor and baritone.

In comparison to the others, her concert ukulele is only 23 inches which is two inches larger than a soprano and seven inches smaller than a baritone ukulele. Also, the frets on a concert ukulele are more spaced out which can create a fuller sound than the soprano.

Over this past summer, she started performing at The Art Factory, which is located at Prairiefire in Overland Park.

The Art Factory is a place that not only showcases regional and local artwork in the galleries, but it also serves as a hub for live music performed by local up-and- coming musicians.

They host open-mic and that’s when Jacobs performs.

“I started playing there because it seemed really fun and I like performing in front of people,” Jacobs said.

Not only does Jacobs play the ukulele, but she sings and covers songs as well.

Jacobs’ favorite song that she has covered is “Cherry Wine” by Hozier.

Besides doing covers of songs of all genres, she also writes some of her own music.

She doesn’t have a certain genre of music she favors over another, and she enjoys playing all types of music.

Jacobs also has been writing some music of her own and has written approximately five to 10 songs.

Besides writing and covering songs on the ukulele, she also has taught one of her friends how to play the instrument.

Throughout the past two years, Jacobs has liked playing the instrument and will continue to play in the future.