What does Ben Williams spend 20 hours a week doing?


Kellianne Lopez

Ben Williams, senior, researching on his laptop for debate.

Maddie Kindig, Reporter

Ben Williams, senior, has a natural knack for speaking and a drive for knowledge that explains his four year long de- bate and forensics career.

“I got a letter in eighth grade telling me to join and my mom forced me to,” Williams said. However, he’s grateful that he was forced into it be- cause he now has a full-ride scholarship to the Kansas City Kansas Community College.

Williams definitely prefers debate over forensics. “I find it’s more of a challenge men- tally,” he said.

It’s time consuming, but Williams stays dedicated. During debate season, he will spend up to 20 hours a week working on debate.

“It’s basically another job,” Williams said, referencing his

job at BoBo Chinese Restau- rant.

Williams said his favorite event to do in forensics is For- eign Extemporaneous Speak- ing because “it makes me think on my feet and gives me a lot of info about current events.”

After four years, Williams has developed a close family- like relationship with his fel- low debate and forensics col- leagues. “It’s a really great community,” Williams said.

He would recommend joining debate or forensics to anyone. He firmly believes ev- eryone should challenge them- selves.

“It informs you a ton about modern issues and it makes you a better public speaker,” Williams said.