Runway showcases students’ designs

Kayla Staley, Reporter

Whether they created the featured clothing or walked the runway, several students participated in the annual K.C. Love Fashion Show held at Olathe South.

Opal Stephens and Jennifer Fales, FACS teachers, were in charge of the show that took place on March 3. Tickets were $3 at the door and the proceeds went to the FACS department.

“Mrs. Stephens’ classes planned the theme and production [while] my classes made garments and modeled,” Fales said.

Among the participants was Kylie Thompson, senior, who worked on a garment to model.

“My favorite part was making my dress for the show. It was a lot of hard work, but it feels good knowing what I accomplished to make my own dress,” Thompson said.

In addition to the handmade items, many students opted to model professionally-made clothing or other personal items.

“The Textile Design models handmade their clothing for the show and also threw in some of their own garments to accent what they had made,” Thomspon said. “The other models wore their own clothes or modeled dresses from the dress store Camille’s.”

While this was Fales’ final show, the department hopes to continue to showcase students’ design talents on future runways.