Why does Kevin Velasco spend hours practicing lyrics?


Hayley Allison, Reporter

Kevin Velasco, senior, has a very demanding schedule. He is actively involved in theater, which takes up a major chunk of his time and requires many hours spent practicing outside of school.

Velasco first got interested in acting in middle school where he took his first theater class. “It was a fun thing to do,” Velasco recalled.

Inspired by David Hastings, drama teacher, he later decided to try acting again sophomore year. Ever since, he has been in multiple plays, including “Grease.” His favorite has been “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

According to Velasco, there are many benefits to be gained from theater. He said theater has made him and his peers more comfortable, outgoing, friendly and sociable. “Public speaking is definitely not a problem for me,” Velasco said.

While theater might be a creative outlet that helps build social skills, it can be hard to manage into the schedule. “There’s times when rehearsal gets out at 6 p.m., and shows sometimes get out at midnight,” Velasco said. Because of this, he suggests planning ahead and writing out a schedule for the week.

After high school, Velasco plans to pursue his interest in theater and acting by possibly going to Emporia State and majoring in film acting.


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