What students should do if they didn’t enroll on time

Staff, Reporter

A lot of students aren’t able to enroll on time for various reasons. If students were not able to enroll on time, “they must contact their counselor as soon as possible and make sure they have the enrollment sheet for the appropriate grade level,” Jean Busey, counselor, said.

If they missed their deadline and haven’t conteacted their counselor yet, their counselors will be able to see that on Synergy, and the counselors will call them individually by sending them a pass to go to the Writing Lab during seminar where all the counselors will be present to help them enroll.

To make sure everyone is able to make the deadline, the counselors “will send out a City Watch to parents, put deadlines on the school website, and make a presentation to each grade level and give them their deadlines,” Amy Brown, counselor, said.               From Feb. 16-24, counselors will go to middle schools to present the information needed for them to enroll. The on-site middle school counselor will help field general questions prior to the enrollment date.

Students applying or auditioning for try-out classes, should select other electives for next year. If they don’t get the try-out class, then they will take the elective that they had chosen; if they are accepted, then that elective would be taken off their schedule.