Aspiring lawyers learn skills during PCA lecture series

Jamie Pellikaan, Reporter

Students had the opportunity to learn about the skills required to become a lawyer on Monday, Jan. 21 when Sara Anthony, attorney for Waddell and Reed, spoke to students as part of the PCA lecture series. Anthony is an Olathe South alumna and was asked to speak by Ruth Ann Falls, business teacher, and also her mother.

These lectures provide useful resources to students interested in the topics being discussed.

“Students get to hear from a professional in the field, and it puts them in contact with people they normally wouldn’t have contact to,” Amanda Doane, business teacher, said.

Doane also stated, “Students learn educational requirements like special skills needed and they learn what it takes to be successful and how to prepare yourself for the future.”

During the lecture, Anthony warned about the dangers of social media and recommended students establish a good reputation early on.

“I had to unlearn being distracted by technology,” Anthony said.

During the lecture, Anthony said being a comfortable public speaker is essential and that the most successful people are often dynamic. Also it’s important to establish good relationships with teachers.

“If you want to get good letters of recommendation,” Anthony said, “ develop awesome relationships with at least four teachers and/or bosses. Find adults who believe in you.”

Warning about the possibility of failure, Anthony said that even the most successful could succumb to it.

“ I graduated in the top 5 percent of my law school class, and I have a shoebox with 327 rejection letters [from potential employers],” Anthony said.

Throughout the lecture, students learned and gained new insight on being a lawyer.

“My advice: make good choices,” Anthony said.” Lawyers must follow the law.”