Chiefs wrap up successful season

Jake Anderson, Co-Sports Editor/Reporter

Until Jan 9 the last playoff game the Chiefs won was in 1993. This game was played against the Houston Oilers. The 22-year drought is over and the Chiefs got past the first round.

Who better a team to snap a losing drought than the team the Chiefs last beat? And is there really a better way to start that important of a game than to start with a 106-yard kickoff return?

The answer is no.

That kickoff return by Nile Davis set the tone for the entire game. The Chiefs have not had that dominant of a game all season, and what better a time to have it than in the playoffs. The Chiefs’ 30-0 win over Houston is the third highest road game shutout in playoff history.

The Chiefs had a good chance for a deep playoff run. Alex Smith stepped up in a huge way. The only interceptions (which are very few) are tipped passes, not inaccurate ones.

Travis Kelce is going to be a huge part in the offence next year. He has one of the best numbers for yards after the catch.

The Chiefs have a ton of other offensive weapons at their disposal. The only reason this team has been winning so much is because everyone plays unselfishly.

When one person is not having the best day, somebody takes charge and produces. On days when nobody plays bad, like against Houston, the end result is evident.

This year was the best chance that the Chiefs have had in a long time to make it to the Super Bowl.

They had all the right pieces: multiple options at running back, a very reliable quarterback, a productive tight end, solid wide receivers, and a defense that is lock down against talented offenses.

The question for next season is, “Can they have an even better outcome?”

With the promotion of Brad Childress and Matt Nagy to co-offensive coordinators, the offense could get a little more dynamic and possibly have more production.

The ball needs to be thrown a little bit more in order to give the running game for room to work, and vice-versa.

Alex Smith has proven that he can get the ball deep down field with success, so the Chiefs need to use that weapon to their advantage next year.