Golden Girls find success at competition

The Varsity Golden Girls performing their military routine.

Lauri Hoedl, Reporter

The Golden Girls won the only large team in contest award along with many others at the Miss Kansas Drill Team Competition Jan. 15-16 here.

Sydney Etheridge, freshman, said the Golden Girls “did a great job and had a lot of fun.”

At Miss Kansas, they competed in seven group dances, along with various solos and duets.

They also received awards for technique, choreography and showmanship. Their jazz, military and open dances received judges’ awards, and their officers and two small ensemble dances won awards.

Megan Secrest, sophomore, said she loved Miss Kansas because she “got to spend time with the team and watch all the other team’s dances.”

The varsity’s military dance was invited to perform at the showcase of the best dances on Saturday night. Lynae Carlson and Emily Harrington, juniors, won solos.

Secrest said military was her favorite dance because “it’s so focused, sharp and so cool to watch.”

Miss Kansas is only one of the three compititions they’ll be competing in throughout a two-week time period. They compete in Kansas Spectacular dance competition this coming weekend, Jan. 23, along with one other.

Hayley Dunitz, sophomore, said her favorite part was “getting close with each other and all the memories made.”