Search begins for new king of court

Jake Anderson, Sports Editor

An era is coming to an end. A new era is beginning.

Little kids won’t be saying “Kobe!” anymore when they chuck up a three-pointer or do a circus-style reverse layup on the blacktop.

The 20-year long Kobe Bryant era is closing at the end of this season.

Evidence that the Kobe Era is ending is the way spectators and organizations of the NBA alike are acting.

The Boston Celtics, bitter rivals for decades with the Lakers, have given Kobe a piece of the parquet style floor from the Boston Garden where the Celtics play. The outright respect for Kobe around the league is mesmerizing

Now, the question is “who’s next?”

Stephen Curry and LeBron James may very possibly follow Kobe’s place in the timeline of the NBA. Both players have shown their utter dominance of the league in their respective ways.

LeBron has been in the finals for the last five years. He is 2-3 in the finals and has two NBA Finals MVP awards and four season MVP awards.

Right now, the Curry and the Golden State warriors are on pace to beat the 1996 Chicago Bulls record of 72-10. They are currently 38-4.

Curry puts on a show every single game he plays. His portrait would be on the $3 bill if there were a such thing.

So, if anybody is going to name the post-Kobe era, my money is on him.