Students off to military after graduation

Emma Collins, Reporter

After graduation, many students from here plan on going into the United States military instead of furthering their education through college or taking up living on their own.

Some people feel they should give back to America, some tend to follow in their family’s footsteps or do it to make someone or themselves proud, and others join because they honestly don’t know what they are going to do after they graduate.

Anthony Hugo, senior, wants to go into the United States Army because his grandfather served in World War II and thought he should give back too.

“Some challenges would be basic training and being away from family,” Hugo said.

On the other hand, Devin Hall, senior, said that mental toughness and being close to death would be challenging aspects to going into the military.

“My fears would probably be all the risk during combat,” Hugo said.

Hall wants to join the Army when he gets out of high school. He made the final decision a couple of months ago to join the military after graduating.

Hugo decided to go into the military at a young age.

He has already taken the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB. Hall has yet to take the test, but plans on doing it soon.

“I want to join for the free college and a guaranteed employment after,” Hall said. Joining the military provides free college to anyone who wants to get an education in return for their service.

Hall plans on going to the University of Kansas to study political science and hopefully get a degree.

Hugo, on the other hand,  plans on going to a tech school, sometime after he joins the army, to get a degree in railroad engineering.

Both, Hugo and Hall, plan to get an education and make a career through joining the military.

Hugo said that he is ready to help the country and finally give back along with following in his grandfather’s steps, and he generally believes that freedom is worth the risk.