Triple Threat helps promote upcoming ‘AGT’ auditions

Group gets students off their feet, answers questions

Jamie Pellikaan and Emma Collins

Triple Threat, an acapella threesome, performed in the auditorium on Jan. 11 to promote auditions for “America’s Got Talent” (“AGT”). Triple Threat consists of Tyler Davis, Will Richey, and Caleb Conrad.

During the promotion for “AGT”, the group performed the three songs they took to “AGT” and also answered questions the audience had for them. The group interacted with the everyone, even allowing a student to come up and perform. The boys ended with having Phil Clark, Principal, go on stage and dance with Conrad.

The group formed after all three members received injuries while on the football team at their hometown in Benton, Ark. While sitting on sidelines, they would often film practice in the press box. They sang with each other for about four or five years before feeling confident in their abilities to expand their singing.

“The press box had really good audio, so Will and I started to sing,” Conrad said. After conquering all of the small businesses and talent shows around Benton, the boys started to joke about going on ‘AGT” and performing.

“Shortly after we started joking about it, we kind of made a collective decision to go on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and test our abilities on a bigger stage,” Conrad said.

The group drove straight to Nashville for the auditions and were startled by the reactions they received during their performance.

“Going in you don’t really know what to expect,” Richey said. “Going on the stage first thing is a lot of pressure and you get a lot of nerves but the moment you start to sing or dance or do whatever, it all goes away.”

Although, they love being on stage what happened backstage really tired them out. They had to wait around 12-13 hours a day and be open to obstacles that would appear throughout the day.

Their first audition was the moment it all started to come together for the boys. Auditioning as an acapella group, the boys first sang “Titanium” and eventually sang “Classic” in front of the judges. To their astonishment, the audition was also featured in the season 10 premiere in front of millions.

“The first audition- being there and in the moment is the most rewarding thing to me about this whole experience,” Davis said.

Each of the boys expected to go home after the judges’ cuts, but got to the semifinals.

Triple Threat’s tenure on ‘AGT’ led them all the way to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

“By our third song we performed, it was like we were a part of a small music production. We had our song picked out [for us], our wardrobe done for us and we had choreography to the song,” Conrad said, “ and it wasn’t us. The song wasn’t what we wanted to do and that’s why we got sent home.”

“Through the reactions of the people, I expected much more. I really did but it just didn’t happen. I’m glad for the chance to go out and show who we are. I wouldn’t change any of what happened,” Davis said.

After they got back home, Richey got engaged, and Conrad and Davis are currently furthering their education in college and hope to continue with their lives.

“We won’t stop singing, that’s for sure. But for now we are doing our own thing and figuring out our lives right now,” Conrad said.