Custodians get extra hands

Myan Sanborn throwing away trash after school for Falcon Service Club

Staff, Reporter

Falcon Service Club (FSC) aids school custodians. Recent budget cuts eliminated some of the custodians. To assist them with their work, FSC does lot of different projects.

Every Wednesday, members do tasks assigned by the custodians. The work starts from 3:10 p.m. to 4 p.m. right after school.

FSC always manages to have about from 15 to 25 helpers.

Just because they are working doesn’t mean it’s boring. Stephanie Dupree, FSC sponsor, said, “Of course, helping others is always fun” and “giving custodians the weight off those additional tasks.” Dupree “likes to help others provide services that help others.”

Lexa McCall, senior, said, “I enjoy doing it because I know it will bring happiness to the person I’m doing it for.”

FSC members get training depending on the task and equipment. For example; how to vacuum, how to do the trash, and use the trimmer. Mostly depending on what the custodians want them to do.

“The custodians told us where the trash bags were and told us how to remove the trash bag and replace and also how to use the big dumpster outside.” McCall said, “Just dump the small recycling to the bigger recycling.”

The members find it worthwhile because they put smiles on people’s faces, “they are a great crew, most positive custodial staff we could’ve ever asked for,” Dupree stated.

FSC also has landscaping days, where they go around the school cleaning the ground.

The members dump all the recycling and trash from 300-500 hallways and equipped with rags and window cleaner they clean windows starting from the falcon’s nest and split off and try to get every window.

McCall finds it worthwhile because she “knows that custodians have families to and they want to go home too.”