Student finds possible job opportunity in photography


Brandon Keeling

Hope Hill, senior, poses with her camera, ready to take pictures. Hill has been taking pictures for two to three years. She has been able to capture many moments with her trusty camera.

Sharidan Kraljic, Co-Editor

For many students, photography is an enjoyable, artistic hobby. For some, this hobby can turn into a career.

Hope Hill, senior, is one of those students.

“Photography is a lot of fun. I can capture people’s moments and surprise them with how the picture looks,” Hill said.

In addition to portraits, Hill likes to take pictures of nature and animals.

Micro-pictures are one of her favorite types of pictures to take. Micro-pictures are close-ups of anything from flowers to animals to everyday household items.

“I really enjoy taking pictures in parks and outdoors. I recently visited Colorado and I loved taking pictures there,” Hill said.

With such an interest in photography, Hill has made many choices to get her more experience. Hill works at the photography studio at Target.

“I knew I wanted to do photography, and I knew some people who worked there,” Hill said.

This job provides opportunities for her to take pictures, particularly portraits and family pictures. However, the job does produce some limitations.

“I can’t get paid for pictures I take outside of Target, so I take landscape pictures,” Hill said.

She is usually working Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Working at Target has not affected Hill’s wish to be a photographer.

For about two to three years Hill has been aspiring to be a photographer, and for about a year, she has known she wants to make it a career because of how much she enjoys it.

“I love the creative outlet [of photography]. I don’t want a career that I would hate,” Hill said.

This desire has lead Hill to want to open up her own studio.

“I’d want to be in the center of a city,” Hill said.

Owning a photography business can cost a lot of money. Equipment, such as lighting equipment are large investments.

“Starting with that stuff can get really expensive. Outdoors, I found ways to help with things like lighting. You have to be kind of crafty,” Hill said.

Lighting is a common challenge in outdoor photography.

“When you’re outside you can get a lot of shadows,” Hill said.

She has some light boards that reflect light back at her subject to help illuminate them.

In addition, Hill has her own Nikon camera. Since she took basic photography at school, she has experience with Nikon and Canon.

“Nikon has way more buttons [than Canon] and it’s more of a personal preference on which brand to use,” Hill said.

To complete her general education classes, she will attend Johnson County Community College.

After JCCC, Hill is not sure  where she will go to school.

“I know that I want to study photography and business,” Hill said.

Comparatively, Hill has a lot figured out for her future. Some students are unsure in college.

Photography will definitely be in her future.

Wherever the future takes Hill, with camera in hand, she will probably  make it look great.