Greased lightning–

Sets being built; students dance; teachers prepare

Emma Nicholson, Reporter

Opening night for “Grease,” Jan. 28, is approaching fast and preparations are being made to bring the musical together.

Jeremy Riggs, theater teacher, is directing this performance.

“The biggest challenge in directing a musical is to create a world that’s believable that people would break into song,” he said.

The cast had four weeks to practice before winter break and will have three weeks after break before the performance.

“The other problem is that everyone knows the movie, but the play is different,” Riggs said.

He said the most fulfilling part of directing “Grease” is when people get the differences, but still enjoy the show.

While Riggs has been directing, Ann McCroskey, choreographer, has been working with the cast.

The dancing is in the style of the ‘50s with the hand jive being the biggest number in the show.

“It’s the most well known number in the show. It also wakes up Danny and Sandy’s feelings,” McCroskey said.

She said figuring out what moves look best for the individuals and couples is the hardest part of the jive.

“It was really difficult [to learn] and you had to have a lot of energy, but it’s fun,” Taylor Schoep, senior, said.

With McCroskey working with students on stage, David Hastings, theater teacher, has been designing the set.

Hastings and the rest of the crew are building a unit set, meaning the two-story background will remain stationary, but props like lockers and the greased lightning car will roll on and off stage.

The same company that the costumes were rented from is building the car.

“The owner said he wanted a car to rent out so he would build it how we wanted,” Hastings said.

The stage will have a half record placed above it for added effect while the combo will be in the pit.

Chad Coughlin, band teacher, is conducting the small rock combo consisting of two tenor saxophones, two guitars, a bass, a drum set, and a piano played by the school’s accompanist.

“This group is smaller, so they don’t need me as much,” Coughlin said.

All pieces of this performance will be brought together for the school soon.