Cheer squad ranks ‘best’ in cheer and team


Kellianne Lopez

Emily Clapp, senior, flying at the Best of Midwest Cheer Competition.

Emily Cords, Reporter

Cheerleaders received ones (the highest rating) in both cheer and team routines and also received a stunts award for their elite stunts at the Best in the Midwest cheer competition on Saturday, Dec. 12, at Olathe Northwest High School.

Two other Olathe high schools participated, Olathe Northwest and Olathe North High School, along with many other schools from out of town.

All the cheerleaders worked a lot to perform these routines and to show off all of their hard work they did that paid off in the end.

For the last two years, South has received the highest rating in both the cheer and team routine, which the team sees as a huge accomplishment for them.

“I could not be more proud of my girls!” Rachel Carroll, head cheer coach, said. She was extremely proud of all the work they did to get this award.

Two outside choreographers and cheer captains helped create their two routines, and they all practiced every Sunday night to get the routines just right.

“The best part was seeing the girls come together as a team and perform the best I’ve ever seen them do!” Carroll, said.