Football team reflects troublesome season, hopes for better things ahead

The varsity football team fakes a kickoff.

Connor Doane, Reporter

The football team hopes for improvement after a 1-8 record this post season. According to Coach Jeff Gourley, the main issue with the season was just making too many mistakes that cost the team in the end.

The team has faced very strong opponents such as Hutchison High School, Olathe North and Lawrence High School.

Not all of the season has been bad. Gourley said, “There hasn’t been a lot this season, but one of the highlights was just watching all the players grow up and to start to understand their roles.”

A definite positive moment in the season was the team’s victory against Olathe East. The final score was 14-6 and was the teams one win so far.

Coach Gourley said, “One thing the team has done well this season has been maintaining togetherness as a team.”

The negatives do outnumber the positives in the season but the coach and the team as a whole try not to dwell on the negatives. “It was a bad season but I think myself and our team did our best,” said Jack Murphy, senior, and defensive end for the team.