TOTSOCE helps families in need


Brandon Keeling

Korie Hutton and Katelyn Gravley, sophomores, go door to door to collect cans.

Sion Worley, Reporter

During the Trick-Or-Treat So Others Can Eat event, a total of around 4,000 cans of food were donated.

“There was no official goal,” Jennifer Schlicht, StuCo sponsor, said, “but the donations far exceeded our expectations.”

About 70 students attended the event and helped out.

The food donated goes to Mission Southside’s food bank, and there will probably be another TOTSOCE next fall around Halloween. At the moment, StuCo is no longer collecting food.

Mission Southside is a faith-based organization that provides help to those in the community who are in need.

This food is needed because of the amount of poverty in Johnson County.

“There is a lot of hidden poverty in Johnson County, and we need anything we can get to help the families in need,” Schlicht said.