Students set to make ‘Magic’

Performing Arts Department presents ‘A Christmas Carol’

Josh Randolph and Joseph Massey, juniors, practice for Holiday Magic.

Emma Sanders, Reporter

This December, the performing arts department will be putting on  the musical “Holiday Magic: A Christmas Carol “on Dec. 11 at 7 p.m.

“A Christmas Carol” is a story following a man named Ebenezer Scrooge, who hates Christmas and must relearn how to be happy and kind during the holidays.

In the past, “Holiday Magic” was only a concert, separating the orchestra, band and choir.

Previously, the freshmen were not allowed to perform with the upperclassmen at the event.

Now, the freshman choir students will be included as well.

This year the directors are taking a new direction with the event, turning it into a musical version of “A Christmas Carol,” incorporating students from the Rep. Theater class as well.

Kevin Velasco, senior, will be performing as Ebenezer Scrooge throughout the play.

“I’m glad this year’s ‘Holiday Magic’ will be different from last year. I feel like it will be much more fun for the students involved and everybody watching,” Syd Wolsleger, sophomore said.

Many students participating have voiced excitement about this years performance.

Choir students are learning the songs they will be performing in class and are also expected to practice outside of school.

“The students are definitely putting a lot of work into this production. I’m very excited to see how it will turn out,” Elise Peterson, choir director, said.

In previous years the performance has sold out both of the nights it was performed.

“Holiday Magic” will be performed only one night this year.

“We hope that doing the performance one night will be enough. However, if it fills up too fast, we will adjust for future years,” Peterson said.

The band and orchestra will be providing the accompaniment for the show.

Band students had to audition to be in it, and most of the advanced orchestra students will be performing.

“We are working on building a platform for the band and orchestra kids to sit on while they perform, so that they can be seen,” Peterson said.

In previous years it was difficult to see the band.

Overall, around 255 students will be involved in the performance.

“All the work that goes into the music is definitely stressful, a.lthough in the end it will be worth it,” Wolsleger said.