SASH flies their colors

Emma Sanders, Reporter

During the last week of October, SASH and the GSA sponsored an LGBTQ+ awareness week.

Each day had a different theme to promote LGBTQ+ awareness and acceptance.

“We got the idea from the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN).They did their awareness week during the first week of October, but we found out about it late and decided to do it during the last week of October anyways,” Angie Verstraete, SASH sponsor, said.

On Monday, SASH members gave out stickers with the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) logo on them. On Tuesday, temporary tattoos were given out. Wednesday was Fly Your Colors day. Students were encouraged to wear colorful clothing to show their support.

Many students were seen wearing colorful clothing items on Wednesday, such as, rainbow socks, bowties, suspenders and shirts.

“It was really colorful,” Kaitlin Hall, junior, said.

On Thursday, the movie, “Straightlaced” was shown during seminar. “Straightlaced” is a movie confronting society’s view of gender by looking at clothes, sexuality and self-identity.

“The whole point of this week was to help raise awareness about the LGBTQ+ community. It was sort of thrown together last minute, but I’m proud of it,” Verstraete, said.

The SASH club is already making plans for next year. “Overall, it was a success, except I was really disappointed in the turnout for the movie. I wish more kids would have come to see it,” Verstraete said.

Students in the SASH club and GSA enjoyed the week and are excited to do it again next year.

“You don’t see many schools promoting this kind of thing and I thought it was really cool,” Hall said.