Ferrell approached by Renaissance Festival


Alex Francis

Eric Ferrell, senior, uses his talent of voices to attract professionals.

Maddie Kindig, Reporter

Erik Ferrell, senior, does voices that can even impress Renaissance Festival professionals.

Ferrell was at the festival with friends when he started to improvise a performance. A crowd started to gather round as he monologue of a ferocious bear.

At a point in his speech where he was talking about how he had tamed the bear, he turned to a man that just so happened to be the Renaissance Festival director.

The director asked, “Why aren’t you working for me?” and proceeded to give Ferrell his card in case he ever decided he wanted a job at the Festival.

Ferrell has wanted to there for a while. Many people at the festival volunteer to walk around and interact with guests, which is something he is definitely interested in.

“I’m planning on getting my costume together and going down to the Renaissance Festival on a weekend it reopens,” Ferrell said, already anticipating next year.

Ferrell has been doing these voices since he was little and it “kind of evolved into a chain of different accents and voices I can portray,” he said.

The voices sort of come to him organically but there are some he does better than others. “It doesn’t really matter though because I’ll just have a new one in a few days,” Ferrell said.

He strongly considers taking up acting. “ I love portraying other characters; putting on the proverbial mask and playing as another person or thing.

Ferrell feels that as a senior, he has missed the opportunity to be in plays at school but has always wanted to.

“I missed the Hannibal House auditions and I really wanted to be in that one,” Ferrell said. He plans to audition for upcoming shows this year to experience being in a school play before he graduates.