Lobaugh plans for future in computer science

Natalie Roberts, Reporter

Unlike some seniors, Henry Lobaugh, senior, already knows what he wants to study and where he is planning on attending college.

Lobaugh plans on studying computer science for his major although he is also interested in mechanical engineering.

He has chosen computer science over mechanical engineering because he is interested in computers and how they are programmed and work. Lobaugh also said he doesn’t have any experience in mechanical engineering and isn’t sure if he’ll end up liking it.

Computer science is something that Lobaugh said he’s always been interested in and that his interests have mostly stayed the same since he was young.

“My interests haven’t really changed that much. The only thing that’s really changed is that I’m less interested in TV now,” he said.

As for colleges, Lobaugh said he is planning on attending either the University of Chicago in Illinois or Rice University in Houston, Texas. He said he has chosen to apply to these schools because “they’re prestigious and have good computer science programs.”

Lobaugh has prepared himself to apply for these prestigious colleges by taking as many AP classes as he can in order to show that he is serious about his education.

After college, Lobaugh said he hasn’t yet decided where he would like to live. He said he has no strong preference between cities, suburbs and rural areas. However, Lobaugh added, “I’ll probably go where the work is.”

Lobaugh said that he imagines himself as alive tens years from now, and that besides that he does not know for sure.

“It’s hard to imagine my life in the future because I’ve lived in Olathe my whole life,” he said.

Lobaugh cited his parents as important influences and said, “I know everyone says that their parents are important influences, but mine really encouraged me and formed the basis of everything for me.”