Students take practice test; seniors jump into Urban Air

Emma Nicholson, Reporter

The juniors, sophomores and freshmen had the opportunity to take practice tests for the SAT and ACT Oct. 14 while the seniors went on an outing to Urban Air.

Students also had to opportunity to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), a military aptitude test.

Jean Busey, guidance counselor, explained that different tests are better for different individuals.

“No person knows which [test] will showcase their talents best, so it’s good to take both,” she said.

Kaeli Whitner, junior, took the ACT practice and said it helped her prepare for the actual test because “it gives realistic expectations.”

“You get better at standardized testing,” said Samantha Yeh, junior, who took the PSAT. Yeh also went to one of the school’s workshops run by Cathy Smith, English teacher.

“We have no idea how much [the workshops] will help until we get the results,” Smith explained.

While juniors, sophomores, and freshmen were testing, seniors went on their outing.

Laurie Plankers, Senior Class sponsor, said, “The Senior Class sponsored Homecoming, so the profits from that went towards the outing.”

“I thought the kids had a lot of fun.” Rebecca Reyes, Senior Class sponsor, said. Plankers agreed.

About 150 seniors went on the outing, including Carly Reinoehl.

“I did all that was available,” Reinoehl said. Of all the activities, dodge ball was her favorite.

Others chose to spend the day their way like Courtland Triplett.

“I slept in instead,” Triplett said. He stated he would probably go on a different outing, though.

Reinoehl agreed with Triplett saying she would definitely go on another outing.