Rubio proves promising, needs more mention

Jamie Pellikaan, Reporter

The United States is nearly a year away from the 2016 presidential election, and things are already heating up in Washington D.C. Amidst allegations, scandals and biased opinions, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to sort out fact from fiction.

One candidate in particular is not receiving  the attention of the media. Marco Rubio is a name seldom heard in discussions about the presidential nominations; however this needs to change. Rubio should be a recognized candidate as his ideas are moderate in nature.

According to a recent CNN poll, Rubio is tied at seven percent with Jeb Busch. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are towering over the other Republicans with 27 percent and 22 percent respectively.

However, the two front-runners face severe blunders.

Carson has made several  eyebrow-raising comments including the infamous “a Muslim should not be president.” These comments convey bias and a leader should show respect and understanding.

As for Trump, he neither has the experience nor the respect to run this country efficiently. In interviews he proves to be immature and lacks the ability to understand the issues plaguing the United States.

The son of Cuban immigrants, Rubio was a law student who rose to prominence when he was named Florida’s speaker of the house. Currently, Rubio is serving as Florida’s junior senator to the U.S Senate.

Rubio, after announcing his bid has shifted his views to a more moderate  position.

Moderates are rare and this country, in order to move forward, needs someone who has strong beliefs, but is willing to compromise. For America to prosper in the new century, compromises must be made.

Throughout his campaign Rubio has proposed many policies that could prove to effective and beneficial.

Concering the budget Rubio believes that serious prioritizing needs to occur. The most recent plan he backed was to cut $4.3 trillion in spending on Medicare and  other sectors.

Obamacare, is something Rubio doesn’t agree with. He’s proposed a replacement plan utilizing tax credits to help people pay for their insurance.

America is heading for change. With both parties in extreme divide we need a guiding force to lead America.