Color Me!

Students use their hair to express themselves

Christian Cortes, Reporter

People can express themselves in a lot of different ways, and some students do it through their hair.

Why do they dye their hair? Some students do it to be wild while they can.

“I dyed my hair because it is a way to be bold and out there, and I can only do it while I’m a teenager,” Sydney Wolsleger, sophomore, said.

Others do it because they prefer dyed over normal hair.

“I dyed my hair because I got bored of my natural hair color,” Jaxon Cassity, sophomore, said.

Some do it to be different and stand out.

“I didn’t want to fit into the cookie cutter of what a student should look like,” Angelo Monteleone, sophomore, said.

Students also feel it is a way to show who they are.

“I like to express myself through my hair,” Jai Ruth, sophomore, said. “I wanted to do something wild.”

And some even enjoy the reactions of people.

“I like to see the shock in people’s faces,” Emma Sanders, sophomore, said. “A little girl in a store asked me if I was a princess and I said ‘yes’ and kept it going for like five minutes.”

Others do it as a dare.

“I dyed my hair because I said I would if I got 1,000 followers on Twitch,” Brandon Woolworth, junior, said.

Dyeing their hair can take a lot of time, depending on what colors they want.

“I bleached my hair twice, deeply moisturized it and mixed lots of colors,” Wolsleger said. “It took me seven hours to dye my hair.”

The color they choose is important and has a big significance for some.

“I dyed my hair green because it is my favorite color and it reminds me of nature and how we’ve grown from it,” Monteleone said.

Others like how the color it makes them feel.

“I picked turquoise because it makes me feel girly,” Wolsleger said.

And others picked their color for simpler reasons.

“I picked purple because it is the color of K-State,” Brandon Wright, junior, said.

Some got their families to help them dye their hair, and some even did it by themselves.

“My stepmother did it for me,” Anaya Holmes, sophomore, said. “I dyed my hair because it’s different, and it’s fun to be different from everyone else.”

Students get mixed reactions from friends and family because of their hair.

“Some people were supportive, and the rest laughed at me,” Woolworth said.

Others get judgment from peers.

“The thing I dislike about having dyed hair is that others call me a scene kid and that some people don’t take me as serious,” Wolsleger said. “My family hated it; I had to choose between piercings or dying my hair. Friends loved it though; they have colored hair too.”

How long the dye lasts before it fades depends on how often the person washes his/her hair.

“I’ve had it for five months and [it] will probably last another month,” Woolworth said.