Little ‘girl’ on the prairie-

Brenna Hobbs interns for endorsement in PCA social science, gains job experience

Brenna Hobbs, senior, checks the beans during her internship at Mahaffie House.

Emmalee Reed

Brenna Hobbs, senior, checks the beans during her internship at Mahaffie House.

Sharidan Kraljic , Reporter

Off in the distance, a horn sounds. A traveler is coming.

The family prepares to welcome their guest, a meal is begun and people go to greet the traveler.

The welcoming committee includes Brenna Hobbs, senior. With her leashed sheep, Hobbs welcomes children and guests to the Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm Historic Site.

From the 1860s to the present, Mahaffie has been a stop for travelers and tourists. People who work at the farmstead keep the 19th century spirit alive.

“I dress in period-clothing, I walk sheep on leashes, and I show people around Mahaffie and teach people about its history,” Hobbs said.

Outfitted in her 1860s dress, Hobbs interns at Mahaffie for endorsement in the Professional Careers Academy. Her career focus is museum curating.

Kim Wahaus, Hobbs’ PCA Dean, said that “this internship with Mahaffie will give her experience that will put her ahead of the curve, will make her more competitive, and will allow her to make connections with professionals in her field.”

To get this opportunity, Hobbs had to beat out other internship-seekers.

“As a member of PCA, she is eligible for an internship. Through her talents and personable attitude she was able to surpass the competition,” Wahaus said.

This internship may seem like a lot of work, but to Hobbs, it is exciting and enlightening.

“I get to see different aspects of working at a museum. On weekdays, I do office work, and on the weekends I am involved in presentations,” Hobbs said.

Currently, Hobbs is illustrating a children’s book to celebrate Mahaffie’s 150th anniversary, which is this year.

Hobbs hopes to gain a firmer grasp on what part of museum curating she wants to pursue.

“My favorite part is dealing with the animals. I help take care of sheep, goats, horses and chickens. I have even had to chase a chicken around in my 1860s dress because it got loose,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs is also learning other important aspects of working at a museum.

“The people here are great. They’re a bunch of history majors, and they love teaching me things, like how to share information with the museum’s guests,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs is at Mahaffie every Tuesday evening and either Saturday or Sunday afternoon.