Why is music so natural and important to Nigel Viduya?


Travis Kahn

Nigel Viduya, senior, enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments.

Sharidan Kraljic, Entertainment editor

Nigel Viduya, senior, has been involved in music ever since he stumbled across his dad’s guitar when he was 9.

“I just strummed away for hours not knowing anything. Then I just started teaching myself how to play and picked up any instrument I could find and did the same,” Viduya said.

Playing the guitar, violin, bass, piano, drums, the occasional kazoo and being a good singer, Viduya is more than qualified to be his own one-man-band.

Sometimes, it seems like he is his own one-man-band when he uses music to proclaim his faith.

“It was my faith that made me want to pursue and better my skills as a musician. I wanted to give it back to who gave it to me in the first place,” Viduya said.

Not only is God one of Viduya’s favorite audience members, he also uses his skills to be “a clichéd boyfriend” and serenade his girlfriend with his musical ability.

Music has played an important part of Viduya’s life and he hopes to help other young musicians realize their potential.

“I’d love to pass on my knowledge to other people in any way that I can. Music is a language that anyone can speak,” Viduya said.

According to him, music is what a person makes it. It’s what he feels. It’s who he is or aspires to be, once he realizes that, nothing can stop him.

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