‘Junior’ varsity? Not quite

Experience proves to be valuable to softball squad’s success


Dana Samaniego

Lexi Storrer, junior, winds up a pitch during the varsity Pink Night game against Olathe Northwest to support breast cancer awareness.

Jake Anderson, Sports co-editor

The varsity softball team is stacked full of juniors this year. With so much experience coming from the juniors, good things are bound to happen.

Their record is 14-1. The overall record reflects all of their hard work, team chemistry and overall skill.

Their only loss has been to Olathe North, losing 6-8.

“We didn’t play to our full potential,” Bailey Boxberger, junior, said. “We will definitely get them  back next time we play them.”

Not playing to their full potential still earned them six runs. One can only imagine the score when the team plays to their full potential.

Some of the juniors on varsity have been playing varsity ball for their whole high school career.

Lexie Storrer, junior, has been pitching on the varsity team since she was a freshman. This experience is very important to the team.

“She does a great job mixing up her speeds and hits her spots,” Coach Mike Allen said. “We also have good depth. We have three other girls that can come in and pitch at anytime, and they all pitch differently.”

Having diversity at the pitching position is very important because it gives the defense an advantage against every type of hitter.

The good news for the team is that only one pitcher is a senior, so next year they can still have the same level and depth in the bullpen.

When a team  has so many juniors, leadership is never going to be an issue. This is because everybody knows their roles on the field.

There is no disadvantages whatsoever in having so many juniors. In their only loss to Olathe North, they lost by only two runs, showing that they can’t be blown out.

“Getting to and hopefully winning state is the goal,” Abby Weber, junior, said.

Allen stated that this goal is definitely in reach.

“Our seniors for next year are going to be really driven,” Allen said. “I know they will be.”

Allen also expressed that the seniors next year will be driven to repeat a state title or get a state title before they leave for college.

There won’t be a single ounce of leadership unaccounted for next year when all of these players are seniors.

Right now as juniors, they are determined to reach their goal of a state title. The other Olathe schools will be their biggest challenge standing in their way.

According to some fans, if it doesn’t happen this year, the Sunflower League will have to watch out for the Falcons next year.

“It’s never an easy task,” Allen said. “I think we can do it.”