Twist on Shakespeare challenges actors

After Demetrius and Lysander have begun lying to Helena and Hermia, the cast illuminated the tension with a performance of “Lips Are Moving.” In the foreground is Hayley Dunitz and behind her to the left is Kylie Wallentine, freshmen.

Alyssa Hoedl, Feature Editor

When people think of Shakespeare, the first thing that pops into their head is most likely not Meghan Trainor songs.

For their last show of the year, the thespians put on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” on April 30 through May 2. This was no normal version of a Shakespeare play as Meghan Trainor songs were used throughout the show. For the three nights the show ran, they played for full or nearly full audiences.

Mixing modern music and a Shakespeare play together seemed like a daunting task according to some of the actors in the show. Performing and even reading Shakespeare can be a difficult job, let alone mixing songs into it.

Maceo Johnson, senior, was skeptical about how the songs would tie in to the plotline, but after understanding the play, it made sense.

“[Meghan Trainor’s] songs told the mood of the characters during that moment, and it made the play 10 times more fun,” Johnson said.

Hayley Dunitz, freshman, and Dave Wernsman, junior, both loved having the songs in the show.

“I felt like having the songs in the show helped the audience understand the show better and they conveyed what was happening in that moment in the show,” Wersman said. Wernsman played one of the two male lovers.

This show was not easy to put on. Dunitz played the character of Puck, the trickster fairy, and she faced some challenges.

“It was different than others I have been a part of because the material was much more difficult to understand,” Dunitz said. “It was a good challenge for me though.”

Johnson also faced some challenges with this show. This was his first show as stage manager.

“Being basically in charge of the actors and crew was scary, but it went very well,” Johnson said. “Understanding the show took some time for me, but after taking time to read through it I understood it perfectly.”

Wernsman’s favorite part of doing the show was becoming close to the cast. “It was an all-around great show and the cast was super intimate which made the show even better,” Wernsman said.