Final Exams


Mia Pham, Reporter

It’s almost winter break, which means finals are approaching. It’s a stressful time for students, working in time to look over notes and trying to remember past lessons for the upcoming tests. Sophomore Lauren Munsterman shares her thoughts on the premise of finals.

 “I think finals are a good recap of what we learned over the year,” Munsterman said.

However, sophomore Daniella Johnson takes a different approach to the question of whether or not the premise of taking a final is good or bad. “I feel like we’re already learning all this stuff. So why need to do one huge test, doesn’t really do anything,” Johnson said. 

 Johnson also explains how finals are testing students’ patience and how finals can tank a students grade, 

“It just makes people fail more classes, and it’s right at the end where everyone’s already done with it so they don’t really take it seriously,” Johnson said.

Johnson further explains how they prepare for finals “I don’t, I just go into it,” then elaborates on how they don’t recall most of their finals being significant, “I don’t remember, it was all just a fever dream, I failed most of them,” 

Aaron Talty, Sophomore takes a middle ground stance on finals.

“I’m kind of in the middle, because it’s relearning stuff that you might not remember at all. Math can be hard too, I think that’s the worst,” Talty said.

Overall, finals are a hard time for people, both teachers and students. Finals can also be unfair for some students who aren’t able to bounce back in older lessons and fully understand older concepts. Though, it’s understanding to see how teachers need finals to check for understanding within students.