Inflation and Sales After Black Friday


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Mia Rollins, Reporter

With rising inflation, customers were anxious to purchase products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Despite inflation, sales are rising, even after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Those who are willing to make it to the sales can hopefully get some good deals. Others, however, are more reluctant to utilize the opportunity because of their anxieties over inflation. Even with the higher inflation, many shoppers are optimistic about the holiday season. 

“A vast majority (90%) of US adults say they’re ‘“very’” or ‘somewhat’” concerned about inflation,” retail and e-commerce analyst, Claire Tassin, said. “Anxious and unanxious shoppers are equally likely to say they’re looking forward to this year’s holiday season more than they usually do.”

Besides the low prices this year, several reports show that customers are more reluctant to go shopping this year, particularly on Black Friday. Many individual people and families are not doing their best financially this time of year. Shoppers over the years, particularly since the beginning of the pandemic, are much more comfortable doing shopping online.

“About half of all shoppers report feeling anxious about their finances for the upcoming holiday season,” investigative reporter Tanaya Macheel said.

Even before Black Friday started, many different businesses began their sales weeks before. Many people planned out when they were going to buy certain items during the sales because there were already deals that were worthy of being on Black Friday. This caused many Black Friday shoppers to buy the products they wanted earlier at relatively the same price. 

“We’re really seeing things start earlier than ever before,” Nathan Burrow, an editor at Wirecutter said. 

The holiday season is already underway, and businesses are all trying to release sales that people will use for their holiday shopping. With everyone buying Christmas gifts and getting to sales as fast as they can, shoppers are trying to get the best deals possible post-Black Friday, despite inflation. Throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this year there was a very high rate of spending. 

“Consumers spent $35.4 billion online over the five-day period, according to data from Adobe Analytics,” retail reporter Jaclyn Peiser said. “On Cyber Monday — the biggest shopping day of the long weekend — sales hit a record $11.3 billion.”

Despite sales, inflation is still having a large impact on the world as a whole. Inflation is always something that rises and falls, regardless of the season that it takes place. The high cost of products is a particular problem that is likely to stick around for a while.

“Global financial leaders warn that the current era of expensive money is likely to stick around for at least another year, and maybe longer,” former UBS Group AG Chairman Axel Weber said.