What Makes A Classroom Comfortable?


Photo by: Mildred Garza

Mildred Garza, Reporter

Life as a student is very overwhelming, we try our best to balance everything that is required of us and also leave room for the things that we enjoy doing. 

To achieve the correct balance, time is spent making mistakes and learning from them. This causes a lot of stress that most of the time leaves us too drained to truly enjoy the things we love.

“Sometimes I don’t enjoy hanging out with my friends like I used to because I’m stressed about school assignments,” sophomore Peris Mugo said.

Sometimes students don’t have a comfortable environment at home in which they feel they are allowed to let out their feelings and thoughts. Students often rely on having that comfortable space in at least one of their eight classrooms, even if they don’t openly admit it. Some students claim to not enjoy school but you’ll find them laughing and truly enjoying specific classes.

“I think a comfortable environment is created by open conversation, teachers that listen and classmates that don’t mess around too much,” sophomore Kirubel Solomon said.

This is only possible when teachers put in the effort to create an environment where both the teachers and the students will feel comfortable and enjoy spending time in. 

“I pretty much live here so I have to make my room the way I enjoy it, making it as laidback and as safe as I possibly can,” teacher Hannah Buran said.

Certain teachers around the building have noticed that students like and perform better in a classroom where the use of fluorescent lights is not used. Instead the source of light in the classes are fairy lights, LED lights and lamps.

“It’s really important to create an environment where students feel comfortable and welcome to come in everyday even if it means hanging up lights or adding a bit of color to the walls because students can’t learn if they feel like they are in a jail cell,” teacher Kylie Thompson said.

However, a  comfortable environment isn’t strictly created when a classroom is lit up by hanging fairy lights and has motivational quotes taped on its walls. 

“Honestly, I don’t think decoration affects the way I feel and how comfortable I am in a classroom.” freshman Keira Spence said.

A comfortable environment is created when teachers show that they care about the students’ opinions and interests by for example asking questions and encouraging them.

“When teachers say hi to me in the halls I feel appreciated because it shows that they really care about their students and they take time to recognize who their students are,” sophomore Angie Rivera said.

Even the small action of adding personal touches to classrooms builds trust between students and teachers.

“I think when you know something about the person’s room that you’re walking into you’re more willing to share about yourself,” teacher Bailey Hightower said.