Taylor Swifts Midnights Album


Brooke Burbidge, Layout editor

Award winning artist Taylor Swift came out with her 10th album debuting on Oct 21, after coming out with Red [Taylors version Nov 21, 2021]. Swift has now released a completely new album nobody has heard. The last time she did this was 2020. The album has 13 songs on it. Swift won top honor at the MTV annual video music awards and in her speech after winning she announced the new album. This brought excitement for many Swiftys, which is what her fans are called. This album is 44 min and 8 seconds long. 


On the album there is a mix of slow songs and mysterious upbeat songs. The best on the album is ‘Vigilante Shit.’ It was a mixed beat and it’s a huge story telling song. This song is really good but very powerful and it’s about revenge. When I was listening to it, all I wanted to know was who it was about. This is track eight so in the middle of when you’re listening to the whole album.         


Track three is ‘Anti-hero.’ This song is good but has brought up quite a bit of controversy. In this song, Swift talks about how she has struggled with looking in the mirror in a normal way and thinking she is perfect. Back in 2020 in the documentary she told the world about her struggles with eating and this song is backing up what she had said previously. This is the track she picked to have the music video with when the album dropped. It is six minutes long and shows how she’s always in the back of her sorrowful mind. In this song the line that sticks out the most to me is “It’s me, Hi! I’m the problem, it’s me, at tea time everybody agrees, I’ll stare directly at the sun, but never in the mirror, it must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero” Swift sings. 


‘Snow on the Beach’ features Lana del Ray. It was a beautiful song but Lana deserved more lines because she has become extremely popular and this could have been the big song on the album that everyone talked about and knew the words, but nope, they had her on the back burner. This song’s also tiring. When I listen to it, it is almost so peaceful you could fall asleep, which is not what we are used to in a Taylor song because her previous songs like ‘Wildest dream’ and ‘Ready for It’ have had beat drops. They make me want to learn the words rather than go to sleep. On the good side though it’s very calming and has a relaxing tone that isn’t rushed and has some beautiful lines and harmonies. When reading through the lyrics “And it’s fine to fake it ‘til you make it, til you do, til it’s true, And it’s like snow at the beach,” is the one that caught my attention because at this moment the beat speeds up before calming down again for one last line from the chorus. 


According to some fans this album was bad and not the usually heartbroken Swift they are used to. Multiple music pages have expressed their disapproval towards the songs, not liking the 70s vibes to them, but this is good. Swift’s new music in my thoughts is really good and shows she can in fact write music in different styles and write music not in the same tone and beat really showing off her talent. You can really hear the sorrow in her voice in songs like ‘Maroon’ and ‘Mastermind’ and then the spitefulness in songs like ‘Karma’ and ‘Vigilante Shit.’