Vending machine’s moved to commons


Vending machines in commons

Timothy Wood, Managing editor

With the vending machines moving from the 900 hallway into the commons students and administration have mixed opinions on the matter.

“I like where they are standing at right now, but I think if they were to change I would be mad because they never keep a consistency of where they are,” junior Cristian Mejia said.

Junior Josiah Polynice says the vending machines should be more spread out throughout the school.

“You have them all in one place and they all have the same stuff in it so why not have them more spread out? I think they should move them back by the weight room and more by other hallways so it is more accessible to students throughout the school,” Polynice said

Senior Chase Wittman supports the decision on the vending machines moving to the commons.

“It will bring more money to the vending machines’ income that is really not needed but you know income is income. I think over here by the 900 hallway there were fewer people attracted to them but over by the commons it brings in more money to the school, but I’m sure it does cause a couple of distractions,” Wittman said. 

Polynice and Wittman both bring snacks to school, but when they forget, they use the vending machine.

“If I am extra hungry usually during the third hour is when I go to the vending machine during class. Never during the passing period because it is too crowded and takes too long so during class is when I go,” Polynice said.

Administrator Phil Simmons explains why the vending machines have been moved from the 900 hallway to the commons.

“Really to help the flow of the lunch room and traffic. If you remember before everyone would stop right in the hallway and traffic could not come out, and it was interrupting. So it is a flow thing also we can keep an eye on what is going on… in the commons, you can see what is happening,” Simmons said.

Simmons talks about why the vending machines get shut down during Academic Intervention (AI).

“We took a look at our heaviest traffic, and during advisory, you are supposed to be doing what? Going to your teachers for AI and some things the district wants us to do, like give you guys lessons that you need to do and complete,” Simmons said. “The problem was that during that time some kids would use it as a time to break, and go hang out… It usually became a ten-minute trip for kids,” Simmons said.