Regionals for baseball and track

Timothy Wood, Reporter

With baseball regionals in full swing and track regionals right around the corner, here are some of the baseball, and track players’ opinions on regionals and how their teams will perform.

 “It’s really an honor… I just love this program. I love this baseball team. I mean we work hard day in and day out and I’m just excited to see what we can accomplish,” Senior John Hendrickson said.

Track regionals are full running and here are some views on how the players think they will perform.

“It’s like everybody goes but it’s a very tough time, that’s like the last race of the season it’s all or nothing. So it’s a very good experience because you’re going against people that you’re gonna go against in-state if you actually win,” Senior Matheus Bontempo said. “That’s the one race that actually matters,” 

Seniors Travis Curry and Matthew Tollman talk about how their teams are preparing for regionals.

“You know, we got the like [at bats] going and coaches are pushing us and we are pushing each other,” Curry said.

Tollman explains how his practices are going before regionals, so they do not get worn out for regionals.

“Basically for the distance kids, we are just doing pretty easy workouts stuff like that. Nothing hard, so we will be pretty fresh for regionals,” Tollman said.

Seniors Ashton McCombs and Freshman Mason Garlich explain how they think their teams will perform at regionals

“I feel like we’ll do alright. We have a pretty young team this year. We don’t really have any older people. So I think we will do pretty good,” Garlich said.

McCombs expresses his opinion on how he thinks the baseball team will do during regionals.

“I think we are going to go out there and demolish both Shawnee Mission West and move on to the championship, whoever we play they don’t stand a chance you know, don’t worry about the mules,” McCombs said.

Tollman thinks distance runners and most of the sporting events will do very well.

“So I think we can qualify people in every single distance event this year as well as most sporting events,” Tollman said.