What to do in Kansas City


Brooke Burbidge, Reporter

 Next time you stop in Kansas City here is your guide to fun things to do to spend your time. Students at the school share their own experiences at these fun places to visit. From shopping, sightseeing, to visiting an amusement park or museum, here’s some fun things to do when you are in Kansas City to add to your bucket list. Freshmen Sophie Schipper and Claire Davis are going to tell you all they have done in the city and why they liked it. 

In downtown Kansas City they are and many different vintage and record shops for any vibe you’re trying to achieve. 

“I like it because it is fun and the record stores downtown are nice [her favorite is] Records with Merrit,” Schipper said. 

Walking into a record shop with each individual record having its own story to share as you listen and explore the lyrics. 

“My favorite thing to do is go shopping for music downtown, and go to sports games and concerts,” Schipper said.

Take a quick look at the picture to make sure they turn out. Davis is here to talk about what there is to take pictures with at the Family Tree nursery

“Family tree nursery they have furniture and a bunch of plants to take pictures with and they have a little coffee bar,” Davis said. 

Another place to visit is the restaurants there. Barbecue is a staple for Kansas City. 

“I like Jack Stack downtown [five locations all around the Kansa City metro] and buca di beppo, [At The Country Club Plaza in Missouri],” Schipper said. 

Along with food you might find yourself wanting a refreshment to cure your thirst. 

“Sweets Tea and it’s really quiet and vintage. They have different mugs and they’re very unique,” Davis said. 

Being with your friends you can have a great time exploring new things and going to eat and visit new areas. 

“Me and my friends go shopping and get food downtown,” Schipper said. 

    There are so many things to do there and many new activities being created everyday. If you’ve been to this city before everytime you come back there will be new experiences you haven’t tried out and you will be able to try if you decide to come back. 

“There’s like this thing you solve a muder mystery in you car driving around Kansas City,” Davis said. 

Schipper has activities to do anytime of the year so whatever time you come if you choose to visit you will have something to do. 

“[In the spring I] go shopping and get ready for summer. [In the summer I] go shopping around the plaza. [For fall I] get fall foods and walk around the neighborhoods downtown. [For winter I] look at Christmas lights around my neighborhood,” Schipper said. 

Going to the plaza in the winter time at night is very fun because the streets are lit up with Christmas lights in a ceremony every year a new person gets to turn off the lights on the evening of thanksgiving. 

“Downtown during Christmas with my family shop and look at the plaza lights, because my family is fun and I enjoy getting out of my bubble,” Davis said.

In the spring, summer and fall time you can pick many different fruits just outside of the city. Some examples are strawberries, blueberries, and apple picking in the fall time for the cooler nights to enjoy. 

“I would say [it was] 9/10, it was kinda rainy that day but it was still fun. We picked blueberries and it was fun to walk around with my friends and family,” Davis said. 

You can allso get some awesome new pieces for you wardrobe looking around and going thrifting if that was you into and is your scene. 

“I like Urban Outfitters or random thrift stores,” Schipper said. 

You can shop at so many places around town a few being the Coutnry Club Plaza, Town center, Oak Park Mall, and downtown kc. With clothes for every style you want. Walking around these areas with you friends and family is a great way to catch up on your different lives. 

“The Country Club plaza because all there stores and really big and they have the most out of any shopping center and they have the best food,” Davis said.