Harry’s House Review

Harrys House Review

Mallory Brooks, Reporter

Harry Styles released his newest album Harry’s House at 12am EDT on May 20, 2022. This album is Styles’ third studio album, his preceding two being Harry Styles, released in 2017, and Fine Line in 2019. I personally am a big Harry Styles fan and I have been looking forward to the release of this album since Styles announced it on March 23. 

The album consists of 13 songs, Music For a Sushi Restaurant, Late Night Talking, Grapejuice, As it Was, Daylight, Little Freak, Matilda, Cinema, Daydreaming, Keep Driving, Satellite, Boyfriends and Love Of My Life. 

This album was very anticipated for me and my first impression of this album was very positive. I loved it. I thought Music for a Sushi Restaurant was a perfect track one. I loved the upbeat, catchy tune. There were cool ad-libs and after not hearing new music from Styles in a while, I think it was a really amazing song to start his album with.

Late Night Talking is a song I have actually heard prior to this album’s release. Styles debuted this song at Coachella on April 16. Even though I had already heard this song, it was still super exciting and cool to listen to it officially as part of the studio album. It actually is one of my favorite songs currently on the album.

Grapejuice is the third song on the album and I was super excited to listen because the song name was cute and it did not disappoint. The whisper countdown was cool in the beginning, I liked the beat and I got a sort of mellow vibe from it that I enjoyed. 

As It Was is the fourth song on Styles’ album, and I have actually heard this one before as well. Styles released this song as a single on April 1 BST and I listened to it immediately as I was very excited to hear new music from Styles after so long. This song is really good, I enjoy listening to it still, and even though it has been out for over a month, I haven’t gotten tired of it. I love the instrumentals with the drums and especially near the end with the doorbell sound. The lyrics are also really fun to listen to and it’s very upbeat. This song is also the only one on the album so far to have a music video: which was released on the same day as the song on April 1.

Daylight is the fifth song on the album and Styles actually debuted this song on the Howard Stern show on May 19, but I didn’t want to listen to it prematurely so I waited until the album came out to listen. I enjoyed this song a lot, I liked the music at the beginning. The song was super cute, I really enjoyed the lyrics and the build-up at the end. 

Little Freak is one of my favorite songs on the album. I love it so much. I actually was expecting a very different vibe and sound from this song based on the title, but it was totally different from what I was expecting. I liked the anticipation I got in the beginning and the song was super cute. Styles’ vocals were really amazing in this one. I really, really enjoyed this song. 

Matilda is the seventh song on the album and I enjoyed this one. The beginning was super cute and calming and the song had a nostalgic sort of feel. The lyrics were really beautiful to listen to as well.

Cinema had a more sexy feel, different from most of the songs on the album. It had a jazzy feel to me, just really boppy and cool to listen to. I liked Styles’ vocals and it had really cool guitar stuff near the middle/end that I liked.

Daydreaming was a super cool song to listen to. I loved the vocals and the upbeatness. I loved the beginning and the “bayaba” sound throughout the song. The trumpets were a cool sound in the song

Keep Driving is another favorite of mine. I loved the lyrics, I liked the way Styles kept naming random things in the song, like sentence fragments almost. It was a super cute song and I really enjoyed listening to it.

Satellite is the eleventh song on the album. I really liked this one, at first I wasn’t really sure where it was heading, I was like “is it gonna be sad?” But I really loved the way the song progressed and ended up. The vocals were amazing and there was a beautiful buildup and climax. I ended up really enjoying this song and it actually became one of my favorites as well. 

Boyfriends is another song I have heard before the album release, as Styles played this song on April 16 at Coachella as well. But it was also a really cool experience to be able to listen to the studio version. I like the vocals and the music and the sound of the song as a whole. It sounds so beautiful and the lyrics are really good. 

Love of My Life is the last song on the album, but it was actually the second song I listened to when I first listened to the album. I was too impatient to listen to this one as it was the song I was most excited to hear, and it did not disappoint. I loved this song. The lyrics were beautiful, it had a cute sense of domesticity. I loved his voice in it and the piano at the end was actually the instrumental Styles used in his teaser to promote his album and it was really, really cool to have context of what that instrumental was from. It was the absolute perfect way to end his album I was very happy listening to it. 

Overall I would definitely recommend listening to Harry’s House by Harry Styles as soon as possible. It was a very enjoyable album and a wonderful experience listening to music from an artist I love so much and I hope this inspired any readers who haven’t heard much of Styles’ music to go ahead and give his music a try.